The Sunday Co x Kimi

The Grumpy Cats. Yup, literally me when you meet me. Not at the first meeting though but once you get to know me better you will see I'm either super shy, calm and cute, a crazy and hyperactive kid(very rare, that's actually the true Kimi) or I get super grumpy, especially in the morning. I was such a spoiled child, that explains a lot! 
No seriously, how friggin awesome are these pins? The Grumpy Sorting Cat is so super cute and is referred to Happy Potter, my true childhood love! I'm still pretty sure I belong to Slytherin, that is for sure and Grump Cat can agree with me!
The Grumpy Party Cat is so me too. I'm not a party person at all, more like creating an own spontaneous party out of nothing. But just invite me somewhere I will be mostly like the Grumpy Cat looking for a dark place to stay hoping it's over soon haha :D In most cases though!
Coming to the look, I just had this idea in mind to add the pins to my The Pretty Cult flannel, which is my second one I own now from them already. The funny thing is, usually when you attach pins or patches to your clothes it mostly ends up looking very punk or rock. Not meant in a bad way though but when you simply attach pins to the collar of your blouse it just looks so super cute!! I did that to the white collar of one of my dresses too, will show it to you later. There it looks very witchy.
You really need to check out all of the other pins from The Sunday Co. I have never drooled so much over pins before since they are so unique and collect all my favorite characters from games or movies together ♥