Eyewear Owner Information

Congratulations on becoming an owner of a really nice pair of eyewear!

This eyewear is real timber which has been carefully selected, hand sanded, finished with metal hinges and packaged in a wooden case and designed cotton bag. Each pair also comes with a TSC anvil pin, sticker and microfibre cloth to keep you looking sharp.

*Prescription lenses are available through our experienced optometrist, for a quote simply contact us through thesundaycoteam@gmail.com

Care Instructions

  • This is Real wood, keeping wood oiled either through wearing them or using the right oil, can make the wooden elements stronger and look amazing!
  • Don't leave alone, they have a habit of going missing
  • Use the microfibre cloth to clean the lens to make sure your seeing the most amazing world you can.


All eyewear is CE Certified, FDA approved and RoHS compliant.


12 month period from order date applies to all eyewear, which is limited to manufacturing faults to eyewear. Warranty does not include:

  • Stolen or lost product
  • Damage or faults that are understood not to be of fault of The Sunday Co.
  • Reasonable wear and tear of product
  • Packaging or packaging elements