School Testimonial

Liam is a dynamic designer and entrepreneur leading ‘The Sunday Co’.  His passion and enthusiasm for exploring ideas, making meaningful connections and doing business differently, gives him an edge in the marketplace.  His attention to detail in design, ethical sourcing of product and working at the coalface of manufacture, makes for greater personalisation of products; crafted with great care. 

I had the pleasure of encountering Liam selling his product and I was drawn to his genuine warmth and belief in the products he had created. In short, I bought into the ‘why’ of his business, as well as the product.  I invited Liam in to share his story with High School students and they were they were enthralled with the non-linear pathways and diversity of experience someone so young had accumulated.  He demonstrated with his attitude and demeanour that there is no rule book and you need to carve out your own niche in the marketplace and be authentic to yourself in that process.  Through his journey, Liam showed that it’s okay to take risks and fail and that learning is always going to be an ongoing journey, not a defined outcome or destination. 

Through my experience working with Liam, I recommend him highly as an inspiring presenter in education and business contexts and as a mentor and role model for young people.  Looking forward to seeing where Liam’s adventures with ‘The Sunday Co.’ lead him to next…

Kalindi Brennan

High School Advisor / Learning Manager

Silkwood School